Our kennel




The kennel of Leoni Imperiali – recognized by ENCI – FCI and breeder of the Chow Chow breed – was established as a kennel on July 7th, 1994 and is owned by Tiziana Campi and Massimiliano CarineIli. However, the love for the Chow Chow breed has much earlier origins and also involves other members of the family: Raffaella and Paolo.

The first Chow Chow who entered our house in 1982 was represented by a red female, named Sheeba, who left us after an enviable existence, at the venerable age of 16. With her, it had become increasingly evident that one Chow was not enough to satisfy our love and desire to learn about this breed. Therefore, we began to study and, consequently, to search for a subject that could represent our “model of Chow”.

After much hard work, shattered hopes, and constant effort, we came into contact with the De Keuster family, Belgian breeders and owners of the Van Mansjoerije kennel. In Willy and Annie De Keuster, we found our mentors and later, unique and irreplaceable friends. With Osborne Van Mansjoerije, a red male born on November 30, 1990, the great adventure began, leading us to meet people who are very dear to us and, above all, wonderful Chow dogs.


Another important turning point in the history of Leoni Imperiali occurred when we met Michael and Annalise Stagebo, Danish breeders. In fact, in Denmark, Stagebo’s I’m The Walrus, a fawn male, was born and became part of our breeding program on October 11, 1995. In his very short life, he gave us great satisfaction, and his memory is alive in us thanks to his wonderful offspring.”

A special thanks also goes to friends who brought “our” Chow dogs to events, making our breeding program known and appreciated. Now, Leoni Imperiali boasts numerous and prestigious titles, which reward us for our intense and constant work towards this breed.